How often do you review the effectiveness of your leadership style?

Posing the question  “how often do you review the effectiveness of your leadership style” at a recent workshop with clients returned some interesting reflections for many of those present. It was agreed by the group that one of the participants very succinctly captured the thoughts of the others – “Its something I never think about”. The question led to an extremely interesting debate around the word style. The word style threw up definitions from the group such as impact, a distinctive way of doing something and also prompted the group to discuss how styles need to adapt depending on circumstances or influences– for example in fashion, styles come and go and we take cues from the past and rework them to fit with modern tastes.

If we are to apply this to leadership surely it is important that we regularly “rework” our leadership style to meet the needs of those we lead as their development and motivational needs shift and change.  The following are some of the common circumstances where leaders need to think about how their current style is serving them:

  • Many of my clients are now leading teams who are multi-generational which requires leaders to understand generational differences and how to motivate employees from each of these generations to get the best results.
  • Remote working has also brought its challenges and requires leaders to understand more about their employees preferences to help them transition to this way of working, which places an onus on leaders to review how they relate to others drawing on their preferences
  • Change management is often focused solely on the teams that are required to change how they work, but if the leader is struggling with adapting to a new style of leading this will present challenge for the wider team and organisational success
  • Employee wellbeing is no longer a standalone initiative, there is an expectation now that well- being priorities should be integrated throughout an organisation, embedded in its culture, and in particular through leadership and people management, however if leaders have not had the opportunity to consider how their current style fits with this expectation how can we guarantee that this ambition will be realised?
  • Performance management is also shifting in approach for many organisations to more of a coaching conversations approach, leaders who are accustomed to the old systems again find themselves with a development gap or a required change to style or approach

In our constant attempts to meet deadlines and targets, particularly in these challenging uncertain times we can forget that we need to take regular time out to review our effectiveness as leaders of people as well as reviewing how we manage own self-care given the continuous expectations we encounter. I came across an article  recently which encouraged readers to rework their wardrobe for the Summer season and listing 5 summer fashion essentials which inspired me to challenge the group of leaders I mentioned above earlier to list their 5 leadership essentials (given their current challenges) as well as a note in the calendar to do the same for each of the other seasons. What are yours?

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