How to prepare for job applications and interviews in the Health Sector without becoming overwhelmed

Through my work as an executive coach I regularly encounter clients (particularly those in the health and social care sector) who are considering applying for a change of role or promotion but  are often overwhelmed even at the thought of applying not to mention completing the application form as well as being filled with dread at the thought of the interview.  Whilst each individual is unique in terms of what is holding them back from progressing and succeeding in this area and the coaching approach bespoke, there are some practical considerations which I share (specifically those applying for competency based interviews) here to help those of you share my clients sense of dread:

Completing the application:

  • Identify key aspects of the advertised role which match your experience
  • As you identify matched experience; capture and document scenarios which come to mind  relating to this experience (this will be useful for completing application and preparing for interview later)
  • Carefully read the explanation of each competency; you would be surprised how many applicants  read only high level overview of the competency and undersell themselves in the application form having failed to delve deeper into the requirements of the specifics of each competency

Preparing for interview

  • The applicants who complete comprehensive application forms as described above will have the “heavy lifting” completed in advance of the interview as they will have given careful consideration to each competency and have examples of past experience which demonstrate this competency.
  • The remainder of the preparation will be around further examples and knowledge of relevant policies, strategies etc. which are relevant to the role and the applicants experience of drawing on same.

My experience is that clients who work on what is holding them back and develop the competencies to present their experience confidently at interview will view the whole experience as a process to be navigated and managed and swap that negative connotation of interview=overwhelm with interview=opportunity.

I regularly help my 1:1 coaching clients who want to overcome lack of confidence to apply for promotion or new roles, face their fear of interviews and draw on a step by step process around navigating the recruitment process from application to interview. Preparing for interview shouldn’t be a once off event- professionals who regularly consider their career plans and know they will be applicants at some point can “consciously develop in role” to gain rich experience which will give them the edge as a future interview candidate. I am delighted to share some of these insights in an upcoming workshop “ Prepare to succeed at competency based interviews ”  This workshop is focused on developing confidence and ability as a candidate specific to competency based interviews for health and social care professionals.

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