New years resolution: Develop People Skills

2020 proved to be a rollercoaster for many senior leaders who faced unprecedented challenges and an incredible pace of change. With the focus in 2021 extending to employee wellbeing, managing teams remotely and potential changes to policies such as flexible/remote working, leaders will find they face further expectations specifically relating to their people skills. Many of my clients are mentioning new year’s resolutions as the reason for engaging with my services. Leaders who previously engaged with workplace Leader as a Coach programs or other leadership development initiatives realise that people skills are more important now than ever.

To engage and motivate your team in 2021, leadership agility, resilience, strong self-awareness and adaptive capacity should be at the forefront of your professional development plan. Consider:
· Looking inward (to self) and outward (to others) to better understand your impact on others and others impact on you.
· Developing sustainable self-management solutions
· Focusing on well-being as well as performance when leading others; which will return higher levels of employee engagement and motivation.