What brings you career fulfilment as a female professional?

Next week I commence my July career coaching program for women. As part of the preparation process, I encourage some pre-program reflection around where the women I will work with are currently finding fulfilment at work. This simple exercise surfaces so much insight for my clients and they often report that is often the only occasion the past few years (or the first time ever since embarking on their current career for some) that they have taken time to evaluate where they are with their career, despite experiencing regular periods of dissatisfaction.  Some of the reasons my clients report a lack of fulfilment are:

  • An introverted female who finds themselves in an extremely extroverted working environment where they are continually depleted of energy
  • An extroverted client who is not finding the opportunity to renew their energy through interaction with others; the work has become more task than people focused
  • A technically/clinically competent professional who because of their achievements find themselves promoted into leadership roles but later realises they do not enjoy the people management element of the role
  • A health professional who reflects that the work they envisioned doing and trained for at the start of their career is a million miles from what they ended up doing
  • Creative individuals who are not afforded opportunity to innovate/express their creativity and ideas and find they regularly perform mundane tasks

There are many other examples but the above are the most common challenges around fulfilment that I encounter with clients. I have found that it can often be challenge to identify the elements of their role that brings fulfilment so if this is true for you or any of the above challenges resonate with you the following exercise may help:

Recall a day at work that you found particularly rewarding and then reflect on the following:

1.       What were you doing on that day

2.       Who were you with?

3.       What strengths/competencies were you drawing on

If you are struggling to recall a day in the past, make a conscious effort to record a day where you found satisfaction and fulfilment in the future and ask yourself the same three questions. Having completed this exercise I usually challenge my clients to see if there are opportunities to do more of what brings you fulfilment in your current role and if not our work begins around finding alternative opportunities which can offer what is needed going forward.

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