Competency based Interview coaching 

Succeeding at competency based interviews requires a high level of preparation from the application process to devising scenarios which demonstrate competence for the role at interview stage. 

We offer competency based interview preparation across the public service with a particular focus on those applying for positions and promotions within the Irish Health Service.

Working with an experienced coach with a Healthcare background you will receive:

✅A clear method to help you with structuring your answers to competency based questions
✅Clarity on the structure of HSE interviews and what is expected from interview candidates
✅A process for preparing for current and future interviews which will help you to devise answers to common questions                                                                                                                


"I could not recommend Angela at Insightful Works Coaching Solutions service highly enough particular if you are a healthcare professional.  . I had not interviewed in twenty years  knew I had the academic qualifications and experience but I had a negative mindset  about the  HSE interview process.  She enabled me, coached me prepared me and gave me the confidence to believe in my knowledge and experience to perform well at a competency based interview. Angela has a great ability to communicate effectively, clearly concisely with a genuineness that eased any dread I had of the interview process.   I am certain that it was the” polishing” that Angela did to my approach that enabled me to sell myself with enthusiasm and accuracy which ensured my success on interview day."

Janet Tobin Martin


Prepare & Succeed at Competency Based Interviews


2 x 1.5 hour sessions

€500 (includes VAT)

Session 1 focuses on :
✨Understanding your current interview style and address the source of former challenges
✨Helping you to formulate and articulate scenarios  based on past experience ensuring you can respond confidently to competency based questions
Session 2 focuses on:
✨Helping you communicate with confidence at interview
✨Mock interview & Feedback
I will send you a list of potential questions & interview tips for the role after our second session to help you continue your interview preparation beyond our sessions


1 x 2 hour session


This 2 hour session is focused on:
✨Helping you understand the structure of a competency based interview 
✨Helping you formulate scenarios based on past experience ensuring you can respond confidently to competency based questions

Includes a list of our best interview tips for competency based interviews



✨Comprehensive Review of application form before submission 
✨Specific focus on ensuring submission of high quality scenarios for the supplementary questions section of application forms

"I recently interviewed for a Senior Leadership Role at the HSE.  I was overwhelmed with the extent of preparation required for this Interview. I was blown away by Angela's Interview Coaching.  Her knowledge of the HSE policies and the interview process as well as her practical, step by step approach to preparing for the role helped me to strategically and methodically prepare for interview.  It was obvious she gave a lot of time and consideration to the role I was applying for and how I could articulate my experience to stand out as a candidate.  I was delighted to succeed at interview and would 100% recommend Angela to anyone who is about to apply for interview, it is a solid investment in your future career."