Leadership & Management

We provide a suite of Leadership & Management Programs which we offer to organisations delivered both virtually and in person. As well as bespoke program design and delivery, we offer the following programs:

Transitioning to management



Successfully adjust to the changing expectations of your boss, peers and subordinates

This management training was specifically designed to address the needs of anyone who is new to managing others or for those who would like to refresh their skills in this area. Over a number of workshops participants will be equipped with a powerful new set of skills, strategies and techniques for dealing with the issues which can be encountered for those who take on new positions and move forward in their careers.

Participants will find out how to relate well to former peers who are now subordinates, and learn the communication skills that will help to handle these changing relationships in a way that's comfortable for everyone. 

In this program, delivered over 4 x 2 hour workshops, participants will learn:

  • How to communicate more effectively as a people manager
  • Key steps for building trust and gaining respect
  • How to develop your own personal management style
  • Strategies for motivating others to achieve results
  • How to handle uncomfortable situations
  • What every manager should know about managing former peers
  • Understanding time management v energy management

This program can be delivered inhouse online or in person for interested organisations in a modular format or over a training day(s)




Adopted as a management style, coaching leads to self-motivation and an attitude that is focused towards solutions and continual improvements, rather than problems and avoidance. We have developed this program with the aim of developing the essential knowledge and skills for integrating coaching into management styles.
The program is typically delivered as a two day in person workshop or can be delivered over a number of modules in person or virtually.
AT the end of the program participants can expect to have:
  • A better understanding of their current management style and its impact
  • Learned how and when to draw on a coaching approach
  • An understanding of the benefits of coaching on theirs and others performance, relationship management and influence
This program can also be delivered  inhouse online or in person for interested organisations in a modular format or over a training day(s)


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