Executive coaching with Insightful Works

One of the biggest mistakes we can make in our personal and professional lives is to continue doing what worked before, only doing more of it and very often - faster.

To enable change to happen, we need to establish new habits , ones that better serve our work/lives and careers. 

IF YOU....

✓ Know you want to make changes to your work/life/career but don't know where to start

✓ Want to address what is stopping you from fully stepping into your leadership role, 

✓ HAVE attended development programs, read the books, and attended the masterclasses BUT find you still have not translated the theory into action


✓ Could pinpoint exactly what you needed to work on to get the change you require

✓ Were feeling more fulfilled and in control at work and at home

 ✓  Had the strategies and insight to draw on into the future to avoid overwhelm

Our 1:1 executive coaching offers clients the opportunity to learn what gets in their way and helps them to form new habits to positively impact them in their career, leadership and personal lives