Successfully adjust to the changing expecations of your boss, peers and subordinates 


Have you recently been promoted or about to be promoted to a new position as a manager or team leader? Or you might feel it is time to refresh your core people management skills.

Moving into a position of authority means meeting new challenges, taking on new responsibilities and mastering new skills. It also puts you in line for greater rewards at work — including better benefits, increased fulfilment and future career opportunities. That's all well and good, but as a new manager , you may feel overwhelmed by all your new responsibilities, anxious about the transition and stressed out about moving from "colleague" to "boss."

You may worry about the way others will react to your new management status … have concerns about keeping up with a tougher workload … and wonder how to handle the new tasks you will be faced with: managing performance, giving feedback, addressing grievances.


This management training was specifically designed to address the needs of anyone who is new to managing others in the healthcare services or would like to refresh their skills in this area. What you learn over the period of two short workshops will equip you with a powerful new set of skills, strategies and techniques for dealing with the issues you will encounter as you take on your new position and move forward in your career.

You will find out how to relate well to former peers who are now your subordinates, and you'll learn the communication skills that will help you handle these changing relationships in a way that's comfortable for everyone. You'll discover strategies for motivating and encouraging people to do their "personal best" , and find out how to address performance issues fairly and transparently, without creating resentment. 

In this program, delivered over 2 x 2 hour workshops you will learn:

  • How to communicate more effectively as a new people manager
  • Key steps for building trust and gaining respect
  • How to develop your own personal management style
  • Strategies for motivating others to achieve results
  • How to handle uncomfortable situations
  • What every manager should know about managing former peers
  • Time management v energy management


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This program can also be delivered inhouse for interested organisations


This workshop series is facilitated by Angela Smiddy, Career & Leadership Coach. Angela worked as a Leadership and Talent Development Specialist for over 15 years at the Health Service Executive and a large percentage of her current clientele continues to come from Irish Healthcare Organisations. Angela’s experience of coaching health service leaders and managers and facilitating management and leadership programs specific to healthcare environments ensures her workshops are practical and relevant to the challenges specific to healthcare management.



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