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Providing executive coaching  

 for professional, ambitious women who want to succeed at pivotal personal and professional stages of life

Angela Smiddy
Insightful Works

Ambitious professional women are faced with a range of challenges at different stages of their professional and personal lives that many of their male counterparts don’t have an understanding of.   For over 15 years Angela has facilitated personal and professional transformation for a diverse clientele. Her work with female leaders across a large healthcare organisation as well as many other industries since establishing her own consultancy enables her to understand what is required to help female professionals make the changes required to acquire more personal and professional success.  Drawing on her own personal experience of navigating uncertainty and challenges at various pivotal personal and professional stages of life makes her the perfect career and leadership coach for ambitious women who are ready to have “their turn” whether that is to develop the confidence to elevate their careers or simply find more personal and professional balance.


Angela provides a suite of coaching and development solutions for female professionals to manage such challenges which often prevent women from realising their ambitions as well as diminishing their ability to get ahead.