Are you looking for a new job, a complete career change or applying for a job promotion in the Health Service or wider Public Service?

Learn how to polish your interview skills and stand out from the crowd with Interview Coaching from Insightful Works Coaching Solutions.

Ask yourself:
  • How can I present myself as a confident candidate at interview?
  • What do I need to do to improve my interview confidence and set myself apart from other candidates?
  • Am I up to date with the format of competency based interviews?
  • How can I ensure I connect with the interview panel and that my answers are sufficient to get a high score

What do I need to perfect my interview skills?
  • I need some objective advice from someone who is familiar with the format of competency based interviews and has knowledge of the Health Service/Public Sector
  • I need to identify past examples or scenarios that match my experience to the competencies of the role
  • I need help to identify and address the requirements of the interview panel
  • I would like access to practical tools which will enhance my confidence and reduce interview anxiety

I can help – call me now on 087 6574453 or email me here:

“Angela’s understanding of the competency based interview process and her knowledge of the Health Service is what drew me to Interview Coaching. She quickly identified the areas I need to improve and she helped me to better manage the anxiety I had about interviews. I got 1st on the panel as an Assistant Director of Nursing and I feel I now have the confidence and strategies to help me with future interviews”


Each Interview Coaching session is tailored to your individual needs. At the beginning of the process, I will review your current interview style, help you to identify your areas for improvement and work with you to find an interview preparation strategy that works for you.

The Interview Coaching process is focused on helping you to approach the interview with the needs of the employer in mind. Working from the job specification, I will help you identify what is required of the role, the depth of detail required in your answers based on the seniority of the role and I will work with you to ensure you meet the expectations of the interview panel.

I’ll guide you on how to capture the interest of the interviewer from the outset by showing you how to structure your answers succinctly to interview questions as well as helping you to deliver an interview performance filled with energy and enthusiasm. Reading cues from and knowing how to “engage” with interviewers is central to performing well at interview.

Application form Review

Application form Review Service
Review of your application with a focus on helping you to compile succinct scenarios for the supplementary questions section of application forms.

Interview Coaching

Bespoke Interview coaching service.

 Develop your interview skills to set you apart from the competition


Career Coaching

Enhance your career prospects with career coaching. Make informed choices about your career and job moves.

Angela Smiddy

I’m Angela Smiddy,  the founder of Insightful Works Coaching Solutions.  My primary education is in Human Resource Management, I qualified as a Business and Executive Coach in 2011 and I hold a Masters in Personal and Management Coaching from UCC. I spent almost 20 years of my career with the Health Service Executive, with the majority of my tenure in Leadership, Education and Talent Development.  This is where my passion for coaching stems. 

I find it deeply rewarding working with highly talented and ambitious professionals who despite regularly updating their Professional Development to ensure there are fully competent in the Role and delivering the best service to their patients/clients, are often uncomfortable promoting themselves. Empowering my clients to succeed in interviews, realise their career development potential, maximise their profile and open themselves up to career opportunities is my mission.

I have a unique insight into what Health Service Employers expect from interview candidates, having facilitated the coaching and development of Leaders, teams and professionals across multiple disciplines during my time in the Health Service. I also draw on my own experience as interviewer and interviewee.

Although I’m based in Cork, I coach extensively through zoom, which has allowed me work with clients from all over Ireland. I also work with clients in the UK, Europe, Australia and the USA who are planning a career in the Irish Health & Public Sector.

Want to know more about my coaching services? Email  or Call me on 087 6574453


“I had struggled to progress from a Staff Officer to Section Officer as I fell to pieces at interviews, I found the whole lead up to the interview extremely stressful and waffled my way through interviews. Angela’s interview coaching process gave me a step by step approach to preparation and helped me find a way to remember my answers with a structured approach. I couldn’t believe it when I came 1st on the panel and was in my new role within weeks of working with her.”