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Public Sector Interviews in Ireland

The Irish Public Sector draws on a competency-based interview approach and this requires candidates to understand how this approach works in order to prepare appropriately.Public Sector Interview Coaching with Insightful Works will ensure that you are aware of the structure of these interviews, what is expected of interview candidates and provide an interview preparation framework that will help you to prepare for current and future roles within the public service.We aim to address the individual requirements of each of our clients but in the main public sector interview coaching will address the following:

What to expect at a public sector interview

Knowing what to expect for example the format, duration, scoring helps you to prepare more effectively and will help overcome any nervousness generated by the fear of the unknown.

Managing your time

It is important to understand the importance of managing your time during competency-based interview as each competency is allocated a certain time. Balancing getting the right information across that addresses the question during the allocated time takes practice.

Focusing on YOUR specific contributions

demonstrating how you contributed to for example the success of a project, development of a service, and excellence in customer service is imperative to attract the best score at interview. Candidates often lose marks as they tend to answer questions using “we” instead of “I”. A key element of public sector interview coaching is to help candidates identify the best examples that can highlight their individual contributions to success.

How to stay on track during the interview

As part of the Public Sector Interview Coaching program, we share answer frameworks that help you to stay on track as you provide your answers to each competency-based question. Following an answer framework ensures that you manage any tendencies you have to ramble during interviews and helps you get back to the point should you be asked questions while you are providing your answer. Working with an experienced career coach with past public sector experience during your Career Consultation guarantees optimal preparation for current and future job applications.

Why Public Sector Interview Coaching ?

Public sector and civil service interviews are usually competency based interviews.
Succeeding at competency based interviews requires a high level of preparation from the application process to formulating and structuring appropriate examples which demonstrate competence for the role at interview stage.

I have coached clients across the public and civil service from entry level to senior leadership roles.
Over 90% of my clients succeed at interview. In our sessions together you will receive:

Key Service Features

A clear method to help you with structuring your answers to competency based questions

Clarity on the structure of competency based interviews and what is expected from interview candidates

A process for preparing for current and future interviews which will help you to devise answers to common question

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