Why Leadership Coaching?

Transitioning into a leadership role is a critical period. Expectations are being born, relationships established and trust must be swiftly built in circumstances that are unfamiliar and sometimes stressful, where tensions maybe high and there is a perceived need for immediate results.

Whether you are a senior executive facing your first months in a critical role, or a key internal stakeholder involved in an incoming leader’s transition process leadership transition coaching can help facilitate the new work context allowing for the very best professional and personal development.

Through in-depth, constructive conversations coaching accompanies the new leader to develop the abilities to adapt to a new culture, competently carry out new actions and assume new responsibilities.

There can be many challenges for the new leader such as:

Management of teams emotions

The appointment of a new leader to a team can be unsettling and there maybe a variety of emotions about this change.  Whilst most will be enthusiastic there may be challenges for example from individuals who may not have succeeded at interview for the role or those who feel they know more about the departmental operations than the new leader. Coaching can help the leader with making sense of these emotional challenges and facilitating often uncomfortable conversations

Having difficult conversations

There may be a tendency to please everyone in the early days and weeks as a new leader which means critical conversations may be difficult to initiate or for others it may be the opposite – over directness.  Coaching provides a place to design and practice such conversations ensuring they are had at the right time in the right way.

Managing Stress or anxiety

It is common in the early phase of transitioning to leadership to question their abilities to fulfil the expectations of the role.  However these doubts are usually only in the mind of the new leader who can tend to place unrealistic demands on themselves. The ability to distinguish fact from limiting beliefs through coaching helps to manage anxiety at an early stage as well as understanding of the importance of frequent reflection and self-care.


Key Service Features

Be confident that they have a safe and impartial place to reflect, decide and act free of anxiety and emotional tension.

Be supported to clearly recognise challenges and obstacles and plan and prioritize actions.

Develop and generate impactful actions and create the new structure and environment necessary to work efficiently.

Gain self-assurance and develop confidence gained from the personal learning process of coaching and the positive results that he or she begins to obtain.

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