Why HSE Interview Coaching


With over 20 years of coaching and developing Health Service Professionals as well as my experience of sitting on interview panels,  I am ideally placed to prepare candidates at all seniority levels for both entry-level positions and promotions within the HSE.

The Health Service Executive uses Competency-based interviewing.  Understanding this structured interviewing process makes it easy for candidates can devise answering techniques that will lead to success at the interview.

Common mistakes that HSE interview candidates make are:

  • Not allocating enough time to fully reading and digesting the job specification
  • Overwhelming themselves with learning off large texts of Health Service strategies, policies and procedures
  • Preparing scenarios to use at interview that are either too short or too long winded and do not demonstrate the required level of competence

Why choose Insightful Works for HSE Interview Coaching?

The Health Service Executive (HSE) uses structured or competency-based interviews. This means the interview follows a structured format. It is important that candidates are aware of how this structure works and how best to prepare for this type of interview. Interview candidates who choose Insightful Works for hse interview coaching can expect the following support:

A coach who understands the HSE and its interviewing process

Working with Insightful Works for HSE interview coaching gives you access to support from a former HSE employee who is familiar with the organization and more importantly, has experience of the recruitment and interviewing process.

Support with devising an Interview Preparation Plan

Support with devising an Interview Preparation Plan

Do you struggle with deciding where to start with your Interview Preparation? We tailor our support to the needs of our clients but also ensure that our HSE interview coaching follows an interview preparation plan that is developed with the role under interview in mind. For example, for more senior roles it is important to have a wider understanding of the HSE strategies and policies examined under professional knowledge. Our interview preparation coaching is designed to address these specific needs and ensure your success in the interview process. If you trying or have the ambition to make your career in the Health sector then our tailored HSE interview coaching services will help you to achieve your career goal 

Support with developing clear and concise answers

As part of the interview coaching with Insightful Works we will work with you to draw on an appropriate answer framework that best communicates examples you will be required to share to demonstrate your competence. Drawing on an answer framework also helps you to stay on track and manage any tendencies you may to waffle or not provide enough information

We provide honest supportive feedback

Past clients of ours find the opportunity to have a mock interview the most helpful part of this interview coaching. You will be provided will non-judgemental, constructive feedback on your performance at the mock interview which will help you to polish your interview performance.

Our process can be used for future opportunities as you accelerate your career

The framework we provide through this interview coaching can be used again and again as you climb the career ladder providing a great return on your investment.

Key Service Features

Be supported to make a productive focused plan on preparing for your interview (no more wondering where to start)

Understand exactly how detailed your research/study should be based on the seniority of the role you are interviewing for

Receive practical interview answer techniques to ensure you stay on track and manage derailing habits such as going off topic (rambling) or providing answers that are not in depth enough to gain high scores

Receive honest focused feedback through mock interview on where to focus your preparation to ensure you can increase your scores

Get access to a proven interview technique (over 90% of my clients succeed at interview) that you can use again and again as you progress through your career.

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