Why Career Coaching?

  • You feel stuck
    If your current career feels stagnant, or if your career has been on hold due to career break or redundancy, career coaching can help you figure out what motivates you and to identify the actions you need to take to restart or accelerate your career.
  • You’re not sure if you’re in the right career 
    No matter how far along you are in your career path, it’s never too late for a change. Career coaching will support you with making the right decisions for you, whether that is returning to college, quitting your job or making a sideways or upwards career move.
  • You want better work-life balance and overall well-being
    Recent research reveals that one of the key drivers of life satisfaction is job satisfaction. Coaching can help you reflect on what YOU need to have job satisfaction and identify strategies to achieve this goal.
  • You want to grow in your career
    Most of us want to grow in our career and experience upward momentum. In order to achieve this goal you will need to develop professionally and that requires changing mindsets and learning new skills. Career coaching is an ideal space to identify and make these changes to accelerate your career.

Key Service Features

Understand yourself and what you need from a career and work perspective

Support to identify the right role and/or employer profile that you will thrive in

Help you become clear and focused about what is next in your career

Overcome unhelpful and limiting beliefs that may be impacting on career advancement

Help with implementing a successful job search programme

Support with moving into a new role after redundancy or career break

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