Why Interview Coaching

It is essential to polish your interview skills, especially if you want to land your dream job. Here are common reasons that interview coaching might be just what your career needs:

  • This is your first interview or you haven’t had an interview in years
  • The interview process consistently stops for you after the first interview round
  • You don’t know how detailed your interview preparation should be
  • You struggle to overcome nervousness, stress, and anxiety when interviewing
  • You’re unsure of what is required for in-person versus online interviews
  • You worry about how to address challenging questions about your CV
  • You have had poor feedback about your interviewing skills
  • You have a difficult time communicating yourself in a compelling way
  • You feel uncomfortable in high-pressure situations
  • You have difficulty keeping on track in interviews and are prone to “rambling”

What will I learn from Interview Preparation Coaching?

Interview Preparation Coaching will provide you with constructive feedback and help to develop strategies to anticipate and perform well in an interview. Typically, our clients seek out interview preparation coaching for a specific interview; however, we also help clients who are seeking to develop general interview skills that they can draw on throughout their careers. Additionally, our services include executive coaching in Ireland to further enhance your interview performance.

Interview Preparation Coaching with Insightful Works focuses on your needs and areas for development and will always begin with an analysis of your CV or application form. We explore the requisites of the job you are applying to alongside your particular skill set, experience, and competencies to help you focus your preparation and bring your best self forward at the interview.

We tailor our approach to your needs but typically Interview Preparation Coaching may include the following:

  • Exploring your past performance at interview to help you identify your strengths and areas for development
  • Matching job requirements to your most valuable experiences.
  • Reviewing your LinkedIn profile and CV to identify and allay any concerns for the interviewer.
  • Develop strategies to confidently address different interview questions such as competency-based questions.
  • Rehearsing verbal and non-verbal communication techniques.

Benefits of Interview Preparation Coaching

Learn more about how to showcase your skills

Those who are successful at interview are confident in exercising their soft skills, for example critical thinking, flexibility, and creativity are abilities you can draw on to respond to different questions and help you to stand out from other applicants. Interview Preparation Coaching helps you to assess your existing skills and will provide constructive feedback about areas for improvement and drawing up an action plan to get there.

Develop your confidence

The prospect of interviewing can be overwhelming and can for some be a stressful experience. Interview Preparation Coaching can help you build your confidence by helping you to identify what makes you a valuable candidate and how to articulate this with confidence. Practicing common questions in a supportive environment also helps you to develop answers that you can readily draw on during your interview.

Be prepared to handle difficult questions

A gap on your CV, a career (or multiple) career transitions can have you ruminating over what hiring managers will ask about these situations and how you can best answer these type of questions. Interview Preparation coaching provides a supportive environment to help you to practice responding to challenging questions calmly and effectively. Explore our Career Consultation Services for personalized guidance and support.

Key Service Features

Strengthen your confidence

Interview coaching  build your confidence by helping you focus on your unique strengths enabling you to speak with conviction. Practicing and improving your responses in a supportive environment can help you develop answers you can confidently adapt during the real interview.

Fine tune your communication strategy

Interview practice can help you work on your active listening, body language and your ability to speak clearly. These skills show the interview panel you have what it takes to communicate well with your new team.

Overcome nervousness

As well as practicing interview questions to help manage nerves, interview coaching focuses on developing strategies to manage the source of your specific interview anxiety.

Handle difficult questions better

A gap on your CV, a major career transition or job hopping may raise concerns for some interviewers. Interview coaching helps you to practice responding to challenging questions calmly and effectively.

Learn how to avoid rambling at interview

Excessive rambling can be a distraction for both you and interviewer. Interview coaching helps you to drawn on answer frameworks to answer questions thoroughly and concisely.

Interview Preparation Coaching:

Why invest in interview preparation coaching?

Everybody has their own reason for working with an interview coach.

These can include:

  • You are new to the job market, preparing for your first interview, and don’t know what to expect or how to prepare
  • You need to understand what interviewers are looking for so you can focus your preparation
  • You have been previously unsuccessful at the interview and your confidence has taken a hit.
  • You know you are highly competent at your job but struggle  to express it in an interview
  • You are returning to the workforce after a career break/family care and you are unsure of how best to prepare for the interview.
  • Overcoming interview nerves.
  • Understanding what competency questions are all about.
  • Being able to stand out in a highly competitive environment.

What specialist areas have I worked with?

Over the span of my career  I’ve worked with professionals across the following sectors  HealthCare, Pharmaceutical,  Social Care, Information Technology, Human Resources and Professional services.

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