Angela Smiddy
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Angela supports supports female professionals to navigate personal and professional challenges which arise at pivotal personal and professional stages such as:

  • Professional women who become parents and the subsequent impact on work/home life 
  • Those seeking to reignite career ambitions as families responsibilities begin to change and they can focus more on their professional lives
  • Women who are struggling with finding the confidence to change roles/career where they can find more fulfilment
  • Women who move into leadership roles and experience difficulty with the people leadership aspect or have workplace relationship challenges.
  • Overcoming self-limiting beliefs which often come with being a female leader 

 Clients of Angela’s report success around: 

  • Finding clarity around what they need for to find fulfillment from their personal and professional lives
  • Finding to confidence to claim "their turn" at realizing their ambitions
  • Overcoming the limiting beliefs that often come with being a female leader.
  • Increased job/career satisfaction
  • Better self-awareness resulting in enhanced ability to manage people
  • Confidence to address personal relationship issues
  • Understanding and addressing unhelpful behavioural patterns such as "people pleasing" or perfectionist tendencies which have been limiting their career/leadership capabilities
  • Increased awareness around navigating organizational dynamics and creating positive workplace environments for themselves and those they lead

Angela’s formal education is in Human Resource Management, she has an MSc in Personal and Management Coaching from UCC as well as a Diploma in Life and Executive coaching. Angela is registered as psychometric tester with the British Psychological Society and is trained to administer the MBTI and EQ-i 2.0 instruments.  She has over 15 years of designing and facilitating development solutions for professionals of all levels and disciplines, having spent over 15 as a Leadership, Education and Talent Development Specialist and Coach in a large healthcare organisation as well as providing solutions to clients across multiple organizational settings since founding her own consultancy.

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