Career Coaching enables clients to expand their career management capacity by helping them to identify and utilise their resources to make career-related decisions and manage career-related challenges.  

At Insightful Works we work with clients who find themselves re-evaluating their career due to personal or professional challenges, as well as those who like to regularly and strategically review and plan their career path.

There are a number of steps and processes to Career Coaching, over a number of sessions the process will help clients to look objectively at their career so they can make smart, realistic decisions regarding their future career and turn career aspirations into reality.  Career Coaching provides a space to explore clients current career situation, as our careers are multi-layered it is helpful to have a thinking partner to help us to poke between the layers to understand what is going on and ask the right questions to help us get the results we need.

It's important to note that Career Coaching is different to career guidance. The core principle of career coaching is that the client is the expert, the coach's role is to facilitate  and empower the individual to arrive at their own conclusions. Whereas, in career guidance  the expectation is that the career guidance professional is the expert and the role is to provide the expertise.


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