Why Career Coaching?

The complexity of our working lives as well as having to reconcile personal career aspirations and the continuous changing demands of the job market means that at some point you will faced with career change, confusion or opportunity.  

Career coaching is a type of personal and professional coaching that can help you find fulfilment in your career, through setting goals, creating ideas and strategies and overcoming obstacles.

How does the process work?

Each coaching session is led by the specific needs of the client but usually follows a process that includes:

  • Helping you understand your current career situation and how you got there
  • Learning how to assess your career capital
  • Exploring your options to help make solid career decisions
  • Overcoming unhelpful and limiting beliefs that may be impacting career advancement
  • Developing a networking strategy
  • Practical elements of creating a career action plan such as creating professional profiles, CV development and interview preparation

Contact me to find out more about the process and packages available. Packages are devised around the needs of my clients, you may only need a once off exploratory session or a deeper exploration of your career management capabilities.

"I was at a crossroads in terms of my future career options.  I had spent almost 20 years in the same role and knew I needed a new direction. Angela was recommended by a colleague and I was slightly apprehensive as I had never had coaching before.  I found her so easy to talk to and her approach of letting me take the lead, yet asking me the right questions to help me develop a career plan really worked for me.  Her career coaching sessions coupled with her interview coaching helped me to find and secure a role that I would never have dreamed of in the past. Thank you Angela "