Tips to help you commence your Career Health Check

Many of the clients I coach around careers have arrived at coaching as a result of a challenge or multiple challenges to their personal or professional lives which inspires or sometimes forces them into re-assessing their career. For most of these clients they have been able through our work together to review their current situation, work through the challenges and make the change they need to restore balance and career satisfaction.

What is less common is to encounter clients who make a conscious decision to regularly review their career situation and through reflective practice identify early signs to explore, unpack and take well thought out steps to address the underlying issues before a dissatisfaction or even crises arise.

Career Coaching provides a space to explore your current career situation, as our careers are multi-layered it is helpful to have a thinking partner to help you to poke between the layers to understand what is going on and ask the right questions to help you get the results you need.

To help you get started consider a mini career health check – ask yourself the following:

At the start of the week – how do you feel about the prospect of going to work?

What aspects of the role energise you and why?

Which aspects de-energise you and why?

As you begin closing out 2022, and dare I suggest that we might be starting to “wind down” for the festive period – take some time out for some reflection in this area starting with answering the questions listed above in the context of the year passed and what you hope for your career in 2023.

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